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Rena Margules

Rena Margules And Her Heart For Charity

You are probably used to seeing Rena Margules outdoors. Rena Margules loves to catch some sun while playing tennis, swimming, or doing some day hiking. Keeping in shape is key to helping others. Rena Margules has a passion for helping others through her extensive charity work. The exuberance that she brings to the outdoor activities she loves […]

Rena Margules

Activist, Mentor & Outdoor Enthusiast Rena Margules Explains Why Time in Nature Is Essential For Child Development

Activist, child mentor and avid outdoor enthusiast Rena Margules emphasizes the importance of time in nature for child development. Screen time is beginning to dominate outdoor time for children in developed countries around the world. Child mentor and outdoors-woman Rena Margules seeks to inform parents and children of the importance of time spent in nature versus time […]