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Rena Margules Explores How to Get Involved in Charity During the Pandemic

How Charities are Looking for Volunteers and Donations in the Pandemic, Explains Rena Margules

Many charities are over-extended right now in an effort to help various communities during the pandemic. Depending on the goal of the charity, they may be helping to feed the homeless, provide medical care for those who are suffering from COVID-19, and even assisting those who have lost their jobs due to the downturned economy. Real estate manager, Rena Margules, has identified that there are many ways for people to get involved in charity.

Based in Lawrence, New York, Rena Margules has always been involved in charity. She does what she can in order to give back to the community. She recommends that people reach out to local charities to find out what the needs are.

For some, the easiest way to get involved is to make a cash donation. Rena Margules says that many charities are looking for donations right now because their reserves have been tapped. With more people unemployed as businesses have remained closed for longer than initially anticipated, the charities have been hit harder.

Rena Margules recommends for those who cannot donate money, the next best thing is to donate time. Charities will look to tap into one’s expertise. This can be anything from answering phones to scooping food to cooking full meals. Whatever one’s talents are, a charity will be able to benefit from them in one way or another.

Particularly during the pandemic, many charities are lacking volunteers. This is due to some people choosing to shelter in place. In some instances, volunteers have gotten sick and have had no choice but to stay at home. Without sufficient volunteers in place, charities cannot continue to do the good they promise to offer within their communities.

Rena Margules suggests that some of the top charities that are helping during the pandemic include Feeding America, Doctors Without Borders, The Red Cross, and Vitamin Angels. She also mentions that there are plenty of smaller charities that need assistance, too.

With so many people impacted by the pandemic, any good Samaritan’s help is appreciated. There are plenty of local charities that have begun offering new services, too. This includes everything from making masks to delivering groceries to the elderly. Rena Margules has been doing what she can to help out in her hometown of Lawrence and is urging others to get involved, too.

Not all charities will have a vocal cry for help, explains Rena Margules. Often, charities are so busy working the front lines that they don’t have time to stop and ask for volunteers or donations. As such, anyone who wants to get involved with a charity needs to simply find one and reach out to learn of the opportunities.


Rena Margules

Rena Margules Identifies How People Can Stay Active While Still Social Distancing

Social Distancing and Lockdown Orders are Making it Difficult for People to Stay Active, According to Rena Margules

Across the United States, people are struggling to stay active with gyms, parks, and other establishments closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Real estate agent and fitness enthusiast, Rena M. Margules, discusses how people are able to stay active while adhering to social distancing regulations.

Although some parks around the country are slowly opening up, many are still closed for the foreseeable future. Rena Margules recommends exploring if there are county or state parks open in order to use the trails or boardwalks for runs. In some instances, the governments are identifying who can use the parks on what days based on the first letter of their last name.

With gyms closed, Rena Margules also suggests turning to YouTube. Many fitness enthusiasts, coaches, and trainers are offering YouTube instructions to guide people through a 30-minute to one-hour workout. Depending on the type of instruction a person is looking for, they can find yoga, weight training, kickboxing, and more.

Additionally, Rena Margules recommends that people use their local neighborhoods as trails. Even if it means having to jog in the street, it can lead to getting the heart racing and burning calories. Rena Margules finds that, during the pandemic, many people complain about not being able to get out and follow their routine without taking the time to examine the possibilities that are available to them.

For fitness enthusiasts who are used to using gym equipment, many online stores are still shipping products. This can make it easier for people to buy at least a few staple items in order to create a gym inside their garage or within a room of the house. Rena Margules suggests that some of the best equipment people can have in their homes include dumbbells, a resistance band, and a yoga mat. Various household items can be used as substitutes within workouts, too, Rena Margules explains, such as using the edge of a chair for dips or a flight of stairs in place of a Stairmaster.

Rena Margules suggests that people look at creative ways to get their workouts in until the pandemic is over. Not only can working out help to alleviate stress, but it also keeps the body in good shape. Social distancing is what’s preventing the opening of gyms and parks. However, with a few household products, it’s easy to get a strenuous workout in.

Rena Margules is hopeful that many of the parks and trails slowly start to open up in her hometown of Lawrence, New York, and understands that many people are eager to return to their fitness routines.

Rena Margules

Rena Margules And Her Heart For Charity

You are probably used to seeing Rena Margules outdoors. Rena Margules loves to catch some sun while playing tennis, swimming, or doing some day hiking. Keeping in shape is key to helping others. Rena Margules has a passion for helping others through her extensive charity work. The exuberance that she brings to the outdoor activities she loves fuels her ability for helping where it counts the most.

Some of the charities Rena Margules assists with include making visits to the sick and shut-in at the Bikur Cholim of The Five Towns. Giving back to others is extremely rewarding for Rena Margules. Her devotion to people who need help has no limit. Rena Margules likes to help children and adults alike. Everyone can use a helping hand.

Packing and delivering food anonymously to the poor and needy is just another way that Rena Margules gives back to her community. Under her own auspices, she identifies who may be in need. When they look outside of their door they will find a much-needed food package carefully selected, put together, and left for the family.

Both children and adults with disabilities need help with daily living skills and other aspects of life. Rena Margules lends a hand here as well. Those that reside in an assisted-living facility can access Rena Margules as she volunteers her time. Children and adults with disabilities who go into facilities on an outpatient basis will also encounter this maverick.

Taking care of the underserved is just a part of her nature. Part of her mentoring responsibilities includes taking several teenagers under her wing. After school programming with Rena Margules includes a steady prescription of how to enjoy the outdoors. Letting the teenagers know that relieving stress and anxiety by getting outdoors is just one way Rena Margules impacts the lives of those she mentors. Taking care of schoolwork, homework and all the challenges of teen life in an after school setting has been a game-changer for many of the children that Rena Margules comes in contact with.

Rena Margules and her love for children in need does not stop there. She devotes her time to taking care of children who are in the midst of illness in the home. IShine is an organization that mentors kids who are struggling through a serious illness in their homes. Parents are in need of this assistance because they are dealing with a personal battle with cancer or another serious illness. Having a mentor for the children frees up time and headspace so that healing can take place.

if there is another moment in the day, Rena Margules capitalizes on how to help others. She is also involved in Friends of the IDF, Kids of Courage, NCSY, and Emunah. The involvement allows Rena Margules to make a difference in a way that causes her much delight. All of the people she comes in contact with through her charitable heart are the better for it. It is a mutually beneficial situation.

Rena M. Margules

Rena Margules Talks About the Health Benefits of Hiking

While nearly everyone is aware that walking improves your health, not everyone knows the benefits of getting a good workout through hiking. Rena M. Margules goes hiking on one of a dozen trails near her home almost every weekend. “It’s so much more than just about walking,” she says. Here, Rena Margules talks about some of the health benefits of hiking that she wasn’t aware of before starting what turned out to be a vigorous weekend routine.

Rena Margules said she just walked the short trails first and slowly progressed up to some of the hardest trails on the east coast. “One of the things I wasn’t aware of was that hiking really helped my balance,” says Rena. Her balance wasn’t bad to start with, she adds, but as she got stronger from hiking on the weekends, she could tell that it improved significantly. Rena Margules credits it all to her muscles getting stronger from all the uphill and downhill walking. This has the added benefit of giving her glutes, hamstrings, and hip muscles a great workout each time.

Rena M MargulesAnother thing Rena Margules says she has noticed is that her stamina has improved. “I used to just walk the flat trails,” she says. “Now, I can do the steep ones without losing my breath.” Rena says when she takes friends with her, she makes sure she stays on the flat trails unless the friend is really in shape. “It’s not fun to be so breathless you can’t talk,” she adds.

One of the things Rena Margules said that surprised her was that her skin tone is better. “I don’t know how many people have said my complexion has improved,” she says. “They all want to know what new products I’m using,” she laughs, “but it’s all due to the workouts I’m getting while hiking.”

Finally, Rena Margules says she has noticed that she’s able to think more clearly. “There were times in the past when I’d have what I’d call brain fog,” she says. “That’s when everything in your mind just runs together, and it’s hard to think a coherent thought,” Rena says. “But that doesn’t happen much anymore since I’ve been hiking,” she adds. I’m pretty sure it’s due to the increased circulation.

Rena Margules says that hiking every weekend has caused her to also think about her eating habits. She no longer eats junk food or starchy foods. “My body wants healthy food now, she says. “It’s strange, but my body wants vegetables and fruits, and I no longer get sugar cravings,” Rena Margules says. Although she says she doesn’t know if getting in shape from hiking has changed her eating habits, she’s very happy with her new diet and her new look. “I can really tell the difference in my clothes,” she adds.

Rena Margules

Activist, Mentor & Outdoor Enthusiast Rena Margules Explains Why Time in Nature Is Essential For Child Development

Activist, child mentor and avid outdoor enthusiast Rena Margules emphasizes the importance of time in nature for child development.

Screen time is beginning to dominate outdoor time for children in developed countries around the world. Child mentor and outdoors-woman Rena Margules seeks to inform parents and children of the importance of time spent in nature versus time spent indoors, especially watching TV or using smartphones and other electronics.

Harvard University Biologist Edward O. Wilson discussed his theory of biophilia in the 1980s. This theory said that humans — children and adults alike — are drawn to their natural surroundings instinctively, and argument that Rena Margules continues to get behind. However, looking around most living rooms in 2020, this can be difficult to believe, as entire families sit, gazing into handheld screens.rena m margules nassau

Rena Margules and fellow child development enthusiasts are working to express the importance of outdoor play and its affect on a child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.

“Nature stimulates the senses in a way that being indoors cannot,” Rena Margules says. “Nature offers new textures, sights, sounds, and smells. Children have authentic learning experiences in nature, whether they’re problem-solving, being creative, or simply discovering with their senses.”

According to the Child Mind Institute, the average American child is currently spending 7 minutes or less per day playing outdoors. The average child is also spending more than 7 hours a day looking at a screen of some kind.

That means they’re missing out on the many benefits of playing, and ultimately learning, in the outdoors. Rena Margules argues that when kids are behind screens, they’re lacking the authentic learning experiences offered by nature.

“Activities like listening to birds chirp, building sand castles, jumping in puddles may seem like they’re just plain fun,” Rena Margules adds. “But these are major opportunities for brain building. In the outdoors, kids take risks, they stumble, they fail, and they try again until they succeed. When a child builds a sandcastle, and the waves wash it away, they learn to problem solve by building a wall or a moat.”

Development enthusiasts like Rena Margules argue that in addition to benefiting intellectual development, the outdoors encourages superior social, emotional, and physical development too. Running and playing outdoors often releases the anxiety, tension, and restlessness that keeps children from performing well in a classroom setting.

“When kids play outside, they relieve anxiety, burn more calories, and learn to work with others to create new games, solve problems, and share,” Rena Margules says. “These are essential parts of child development, and if we don’t start focusing on more outdoor time for our children, we will end up with a society that’s lacking some very important mental and physical tools.”

Rena Margules

Rena Margules Talks About Her Top 3 Spots for Hiking in the Northeast

Rena Margules loves hiking and often spends her weekends exploring different hiking spots with her friends.  “It’s a great sport that will really get you in shape,” she says. In this article, Rena Margules shares with us some of her best hiking spots and some of the amenities that make them her favorites.

“I love the mountains,” Rena Margules begins, “and I live in the Northeast U.S., so most of the places on my list are going to be near me.”  When asked to start with her all-time favorite, she hesitates. “It’s not that I’m not sure,” she replies. “It’s just that there are so many options.  It all depends on what you’re looking for.”

If you’ve never been hiking before, Rena Margules suggests starting out with something relatively flat, like a park trail.  Mountain trails are beautiful, she says, but it would be tough to start out with something like that unless you are very fit.  Rena Margules says she recalls her early days of hiking when she would push herself and do an all-day mountain hike. “There were some days when it took all I had just to get to the top,” she says.  “I didn’t know if I was going to be able to come back down!”

“My choice for a first-time hiker would be some of the state parks,” she says.  She explains these trails are usually relatively flat and easy and says that because they’ve been hiked on thousands of times before, the trails are going to be well-marked.  “You won’t get lost on one of those,” she adds.

Another one of the easier trails she recommends is the Ocean Trail in Acadia National Park located along the coastal waters of Maine.  Rena Margules says the trails here are more like walking paths, and some run alongside the ocean, so the views are simply amazing.  “If you start at Sand Beach,” she adds, you’ll eventually get to a place the locals call Thunder Hole.” Here, you can watch waves crash onto rocks and it sounds just like thunder, she adds. 

Another place she enjoys is New Jersey’s Bearfort Ridge Trail located on Bearfort Mountain, Rena Margules says.  There is some rock climbing involved, but it’s not too strenuous, and the views are so worth it, she adds.  “If you can get there on a clear day, you can even see the Manhattan skyline.” There’s also a lake there they call Surprise Lake if you want a place to rest or have a picnic, she adds.  Because of the magnificent views, this one is probably the most picturesque of them all, Rena Margulessays.

The Devil’s Path is probably the one that’s the most challenging, Rena Margules says.  It’s about 25 miles long, deep in the Catskill Mountains of New York, and features five of the 35 Catskill High Peaks.  “Most of the hike is strenuous,” she says, adding that most of the hikes are straight up or straight down.” “With this one,” she adds, “you’ll definitely get a good workout, so you’ll definitely want to be in shape before you go.”