Rena M Margules
Rena Margules

Rena Margules Identifies How People Can Stay Active While Still Social Distancing

Social Distancing and Lockdown Orders are Making it Difficult for People to Stay Active, According to Rena Margules

Across the United States, people are struggling to stay active with gyms, parks, and other establishments closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Real estate agent and fitness enthusiast, Rena M. Margules, discusses how people are able to stay active while adhering to social distancing regulations.

Although some parks around the country are slowly opening up, many are still closed for the foreseeable future. Rena Margules recommends exploring if there are county or state parks open in order to use the trails or boardwalks for runs. In some instances, the governments are identifying who can use the parks on what days based on the first letter of their last name.

With gyms closed, Rena Margules also suggests turning to YouTube. Many fitness enthusiasts, coaches, and trainers are offering YouTube instructions to guide people through a 30-minute to one-hour workout. Depending on the type of instruction a person is looking for, they can find yoga, weight training, kickboxing, and more.

Additionally, Rena Margules recommends that people use their local neighborhoods as trails. Even if it means having to jog in the street, it can lead to getting the heart racing and burning calories. Rena Margules finds that, during the pandemic, many people complain about not being able to get out and follow their routine without taking the time to examine the possibilities that are available to them.

For fitness enthusiasts who are used to using gym equipment, many online stores are still shipping products. This can make it easier for people to buy at least a few staple items in order to create a gym inside their garage or within a room of the house. Rena Margules suggests that some of the best equipment people can have in their homes include dumbbells, a resistance band, and a yoga mat. Various household items can be used as substitutes within workouts, too, Rena Margules explains, such as using the edge of a chair for dips or a flight of stairs in place of a Stairmaster.

Rena Margules suggests that people look at creative ways to get their workouts in until the pandemic is over. Not only can working out help to alleviate stress, but it also keeps the body in good shape. Social distancing is what’s preventing the opening of gyms and parks. However, with a few household products, it’s easy to get a strenuous workout in.

Rena Margules is hopeful that many of the parks and trails slowly start to open up in her hometown of Lawrence, New York, and understands that many people are eager to return to their fitness routines.

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